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What they say about I know a little place

From Folk/AcousticLovely folk tune! A four "mic" rating. ‘Take It As It Comes’ is a fantastic little folk inspired tune. With an upbeat vibe that takes you back to folk festivals in the sun, it makes for a great piece of music. Lyrically it is quite profound and gets you thinking about your own life, this is balanced perfectly by the delivery of the lyrics and instrumentation, it has a quite a laid back and relaxed vibe which elevates the heavy subject slightly. The electric guitar riffs really make this tune for me, they add a great flavour to the song. The production is fantastic, it has a lo-fi sound which complements the style well whilst still maintaining that polished master sound. There is obviously folk, country and blues influence in this and I think the way these genres have been combined is amazing – love the harmonica. Top job from Richard Rhys O’Brien!

From sputnikmusic 4.0 Excellent rating
I Know a Little Place is a lovely folk inspired album from former economist Richard Rhys O’Brien. With a bluesy/country vibe in places, the music has an upbeat relaxed feel. There is some great instrumentation on this CD, piano, electric guitars and harmonicas! This alongside the real honest sound of Richard’s voice makes for an eclectic collection of songs that everyone will be tapping their feet to!

Some of the songs that stick out for me are;
Take It As It Comes - this one has a real country vibe to it, loving the harmonica.
Rollercoaster - a slightly darker more sinister vibe here that makes a slight contrast from the usual upbeat sound. Some really interesting intricate parts that all add up to a well rounded track.
Choice - this track has a slight comedy sound to it, discussing different coffees at the beginning. The contrast between the spoken word alongside the soft female backing vocals make for an interesting sound.
Inspiration Inspiration - some rhythmic vocals alongside a walking bass line, a very catchy tune indeed!
Be Like A Bird - the last track on this 14 song strong album and it’s a perfect one to close on, almost ballad like with a simple piano and vocals and an excellent piece of simple yet effective music.
A very innovative album that tells many stories. I think it would be a perfect accompaniment to a stage show, Richard certainly has some stories to tell!

From Head in the Soundclouds, on Take it as it comes 
A lovely acoustic country style song with a real message behind it.A fantastic introduction into what Richard is all about. 
Very catchy - you will definitely be tapping your toes to this one! Great tune

On I Know a little place from On the Spot Music
An album full of beautiful music. Richard's sound is reminiscent of blues, folk, classical and country, inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Richard creates and warm and rich sound whilst covering topics close to his heart

A career as an economist and futurist has equipped Richard with an intriguing perspective of the world which shines through his music and lyrics especially in the song Choice (would be a fine thing) which explores consumerism. A rhythmic, walking base line gives this song a real catchy folk, blues feel. From poplovingtarts

Great lyrics sung with a sincerity and honesty reminiscent of the Noel Harrison classic "Windmills of your Mind". Richard knows how to tell a story in an entertaining way that keeps you listening. His lyrics strike you with distinctive imagery, while the musical direction from different band members fuses brilliantly in the background. mydadrocks

What they say about Anguneau sunset

It's a dangerous world
- a light hearted look at the dangers of modern life. We really like the sound and some of the lines are really rather funny. sweetbeatsmusic

A fun and fast tempo track about the dangers of the outside world. Be safe out there and enjoy this track as you chowdown on your lunchtime sandwich! snackatrack

Bloggers on Listenin’ to you whistlin’

From Drawn from the roots: Super upbeat track paired with thoughtful lyrics.

From Colour me stunned Richard’s voice is simply divine. Listenin’ to you whistlin’ could almost be described as jazzy with a smooth and capturing sound. Sweet video, very relaxing!

From Booze and reviews Light white wine in the sun. Perfect track for chilling in the garden. Richard's smooth voice is easy listening and emits a musical sunshine.

From Chase this tune…It’s the ultimate easy listening track. Even the video has a lovely calming effect…

What they say about Sense in our brains

An epic story teller... with fantastic lead guitar work. Trisickle. Unfashionable male. 

Deep, thoughtful music still exists and O'Brien is proving over and over again he is a master of it. Brit Hits

Glitter!! This powerful piece of music vocally challenges societies attitude to building a better, more peaceful world, through intriguing instrumentals and spoken word - we think a lot of powerful people in the world should have this on repeat! Glitter or litter

Booze?! Spice Kraken - on the rocks. What else to complement this hard-hitting statement from none other than Richard Rhys O'Brien? He tackles global issues and opinions through grating instrumentals and pronounced spoken-word. Neck it down ya, and release the Kraken! Booze and reviews

More from the blogosphere

Glitter or litter?
An excellent piece of inspirational music that really speaks to the listener. Simple but effective sounds resulting in a very natural feel that echoes the vibe of the song well.

Witness to fitness
The right music for your workout.
Perfect for a hike in the great outdoors. A very peaceful sound that would accompany views of a lovely hilly walk in the countryside excellently.

Colour me stunned
New music, slapping you in the face on first listen.
It grabs you first time because of the really interesting ambient sounds coupled with the relaxed vibe of the song, in contrast to the very serious lyrical content.

Chase this tune
New tracks for your ears
You should chase this tune because of the strong and important message delivered through some inspiring music.

Booze and reviews
Music tips with an extra tipple
Which booze? A pint of stout! A solid drink for solid stand up tune. Reminds you of a well earned drink after and long day's work. The soft ambient sounds give a very relaxed feel, a great wind down song.