Overture from Zampa


We start in the 1740s at the farm, one of the few remaining buildings left alongside the rubble of the Highbury Manor of King’s Treasurer Robert Hales, imposer of the 14th century Poll Tax which triggered the Peasants’ Revolt.  This is London’s prime dairy country. These opening strains of Zampa, one of the favourite Overtures played at the Barn in 1861, written by the French composer Ferdinand Herold in 1831, will set us up for the second track Here on the Hilltop, when Edvard Grieg’s Morning, from his Peer Gynt suite, will help us recreate this rural idyll. 

Members of the World Harmony Orchestra led by Romain Malan: Anna Caban; (violin/Leader); Madlena Georgieva (violin); Andrea Timpanaro (violin); Eleanor Harrison (violin); Elin Parry (viola); Alexandra Fletcher (cello); Sara Minelli (flute); Anna Hashimoto (clarinet); William Brown (trombone)