Hinton's Highbury, reprise


But the popularity of the Barn and its fun and games became of concern to the increasing numbers of people coming to live in Highbury, as their genteel villas and townhouses encircled Highbury Fields.  Starting a pattern that was never to go away, the annual renewal of the Barn’s licence, especially for dancing and music, was challenged.  In 1860 Archibald Hinton threw in the towel - which could easily have been the end of the Highbury Barn pleasure grounds. 

Written in a style inspired by the comic song Dark girl dressed in blue, written in 1862 and performed at the Barn in the Giovanelli days
Vocals: Richard Rhys O’Brien
Ukelele: Bruce Knapp


So now everyone of London Town came to Highbury Barn
But when the music started up the neighbours got alarmed
The time has come, the burghers said, this has gone too far
We’ll take away your licence now, ha ha ha ha ha
But Mr Hinton had a plan, he formed a private club
They could do just what they liked, Highbury was snubbed
But finally they forced him out, so he left it to his son
But Archibald went bust next year, Highbury had won