The Highbury Polka


Highbury Barn had its own Musical Director, one Charles Handel Rand Marriott whose waltzes and galops were a big hit across London – as was his Highbury Polka. 

Vocals: Richard Rhys O’Brien 
Accordion: Nicola Hadley
To the tune of The Highbury Polka, C.H. R. Marriott


Miracle, marvellous, Highbury Barn
Coming to your neighbourhood, won’t do any harm
Respectable, convivial, serious plays
Numerous, humorous, enjoyable days
Stroll around the gardens, take a rest in the shade
Tea on the terrace, watch the parade
Music, dancing, pyrotechnical shows
Walking the tightrope, just keep on your clothes
Highbury, Highbury, listen to the band
Charles Handel Rand Marriott, best in the land
Dance to the polka, waltz and galop
Everyone’s coming, going to be hot!