Hi Jinks at Highbury


But the clamour against the Barn mounted, as the neighbourhood became more populated and the hundreds of people coming spilled over into the streets, at times resulting in wanton damage – not least from Bart’s Hospital students.  In 1871 worthy citizens, local clergy, and the police all gave evidence at the licence renewal proceedings at The Middlesex Magistrates Court, Clerkenwell.  The killer blow, pretty well, came from the Can Can exploits of Mlle Colonna (or Amelia Newman) and her Parisian style troupe (whose presence on the bill also closed the Alhambra Music Hall in Leicester Square). 

Delegations: Tim Lowe and Richard Cowhig
Vocals: Richard Rhys O’Brien
Keyboards: Richard Rhys O’Brien


Silence for our clerk who will read from the petition of the residents “Large numbers of disorderly persons from all parts of the metropolis are causing great destruction to property and deteriorating its value”
It’s High Jinks at Highbury, too high for some it seems
We can all blame the Frenchies, for acting out our dreams
Attracts the lowest classes and they leave behind a mess
It’s all immoral, and my property’s worth less
Oh can can I to go to Highbury, can I go to Highbury, can I go to Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
Oh can can I to go to Highbury, can I go to Highbury, can I to go to Highbury Barn
Pray Silence: we must hear from our local clergy: “A source of intolerable nuisance, vice and profligacy. A resort of the lowest classes who jostle respectable persons, sing obscene songs and use disgusting language”
Now there’s been a riot, by the lowest of the low
Students from the hospital, St Bartholomew’s you know
All around the neighbourhood, breaking windows and the like
Singing of debauchery, in the middle of the night
Oh I want to go to Highbury, ………….
Silence for the Assistant Commissioner of Police: “My report is unfit for publication.  I can say however that “Anything more disgusting and obscene than the performance is impossible to imagine”.
We’ve signed a petition to bring this to an end
Don’t renew their licence, dancing must be banned
Minister and Deacons, residents and all
The good folk of Highbury say you won’t go to the ball
Oh I want to go to Highbury, ……………………………….