Floating Over Highbury


Hinton also brought in a member of the famous Green balloon family to launch a hot air balloon from the grounds of the pleasure garden.  The music from Irish composer Michael Balfe’s song The Power of Love, from his operetta Satanella, a soprano highlight performed at the Barn in 1861, makes for a perfect accompaniment for the idea of taking to the skies above Highbury.  The Spencer balloon making factory building still exists, close to the Barn, at the end of Melody Lane.

Vocals: Elizabeth Cochrane. 
Music by Michael Balfe, arranged and conducted by Romain Malan and performed by the World Harmony Orchestra

Members of the World Harmony Orchestra led by Romain Malan: Anna Caban; (violin/Leader); Madlena Georgieva (violin); Andrea Timpanaro (violin); Eleanor Harrison (violin); Elin Parry (viola); Alexandra Fletcher (cello); Sara Minelli (flute); Anna Hashimoto (clarinet); William Brown (trombone)


Floating over Highbury, in a big balloon
Looking down on London, closer to the moon
Hot air over Highbury, floating ‘cross the sky
Do I think I’m dreaming, now that I can fly
Strapped into a basket, up amongst the birds
Waving to the people, who move like ants in herds
Feeling quite superior, maybe it’s the air
When I land in Highbury, Queen for the day I’m sure
Highbury Highbury, Queen for the day I’m sure
Highbury Highbury, I am sure
Highbury for evermore
Highbury for evermore