In the second half of the 18th century the Willoughbys took over and from cream cakes and ale, the Barn graduated to serving homebrewed beer and adding facilities for games such as trap-ball (a precursor of baseball).  When demand outstripped supply they built the Highbury Brewery on the Holloway Road.  Next door was the Highbury Brewery Tap – now The Lamb, where you can still partake of a drop.    


Beer Beer give me more beer, fill up my glass my friend
Whiling away a sunny day, I hope it will never end
The landlord’s quite a fella, he brews it all on the spot
It’s what you might call organic, he’s got his very own hops
But now everyone’s coming here, getting quite a crowd
Enjoying freedom, everything allowed
Beer Beer give me more beer……
But now there is a problem, so Mr Willoughby says
We’re drinking him dry every day, we’ll be on the water instead
So he’s building a brand new Brewery, down on the Holloway Road
So there’s still be plenty of drinking, and more stories will be told
Beer Beer give me more beer, …….
But you have to say, after a while, our stories may run dry
Elaborate, exaggerate, maybe even lie
But the landlord’s got an answer, by fixing up some games
And building us a bigger room, nothing’s ever the same
Beer Beer give me more beer…….
Vocals: Richard Cowhig, Tim Lowe and Richard Rhys O’Brien
Accordion: Nicola Hadley