Sense in our brains


"After we've gone, what's left here"

Vocals, piano, keys
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Baritone, Nashville, acoustic and electric guitars
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Drums and percussion
Tony Shepherd
Backing vocals
Callie Howard


Sense in our brains
The rain kept falling for ninety nine days, then came the flood, washed everything away
Thousand years later, uncovered some walls, back on the map, now everyone calls
Empires rise then decline, disease and climate change all the time
We still keep trying to build things to last, some still standing, others covered with grass
Places today blasted to hell, bombs and bullets leave only a shell
We invent, we create, why do we always want to lay waste
Our way of living is falling apart, can’t carry on without a change of heart
Putting ourselves through stresses and strains, will the computer put sense in our brains
Can’t help thinking we’re a hopeless case, clever but stupid human race
One step forward, another one back, intelligent beings, who ever said that
We talk about love then we hate, about free will then about fate
Passage of time we’re only a dot, so does it really matter if we make it or not
The reason it matters we know quite well, the damage we do can blow the world to hell
Will we destroy our bright blue sphere, after we’ve gone what’s left here
The rain kept falling for ninety nine days, then came the flood washed everything away
Is that our future, is that all, or will we listen, after all