On the move


"It’s people looking for another life, coming from the dark to the light"

Vocals and piano
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


On the move

When they’re knocking knocking on your door asking to be let in
Should you open up and say you’re welcome, is saying no a sin
You know they’re not just passing travellers seeking refuge on a stormy night
It’s people looking for another life, coming from the dark to the light
Some who come just playing a game, looking out for things that are free
Give the needy a very bad name, haven’t paid their dues you see
You don’t leave home unless you have to, looking for an easy ride
No-one jumps on a leaky boat just to float in on the tide
So if you ask me, where do I stand, what’s wrong and what’s right
Am I just singing another song, problem out of sight
Do I believe in an open door as long as it’s not mine
Or am I gonna be part of the answer. Buddy will I spare a dime
Answer is there is no choice, world is on the move
Slamming doors with a sympathetic voice, guaranteed to lose
No point saying sorry, think no-one’s to blame
But if we’re all just on the make, we’ll all go up in flames

Now it’s time, stand up, be counted, so much more to gain
So come inside, hang up your coat, shelter from the rain