Confessions by moonlight


"We spend our lives thinking we are someone in our dreams"

Vocals, piano 
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Bruce Knapp
Double bass
Richard Sadler
Drums and percussion
Tony Shepherd


Confessions by Moonlight

You’ve been seeing someone else, turns out it was me
Not the man I thought I was, I’m ashamed to see
Knew I wasn’t perfect, didn’t think I was that bad
If I get rid of someone else, I hope you take me back
We spend our lives thinking we are someone in our dreams
It may take someone else to say it’s not what it seems
But it’s not always easy being yourself if you’re not sure who you are
If you can’t see from very close, try looking from afar
Keep your feet on the ground, head out of the sky
Only in your dreams can you really fly
Don’t lose your confidence but remember you’re not supreme
Don’t go round saying what you might have been
Say goodbye to someone else, no, not me
No more promises I can’t keep
If you see that someone else, tell him straight
He’s the only person who thinks he’s so damn great