Apple spies


"They don’t have to know my every move, watch every step of the stair"

Dilemmas of the information age

Vocals and keys
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar and backing vocals
Bruce Knapp
Double bass
Richard Sadler
Drums and percussion
Tony Shepherd
Backing vocals
Callie Howard
Christine Axelle
Matthew Knapp


Apple spies

Said I had to fill in a form, date of birth, where I was born
Lots of questions, don’t know why, just wanted coffee and apple pie
They say it’s so they can serve me better, sell me more stuff with tempting letters
Yes I know just what it’s for, forget about the coffee, I’ll go next door
They say it’s all for transparency, I can see through that, can’t fool me
They say it’s all for security, coffee may be stolen you see
I ask what about the apple pie, is that safe to eat
And what about motherhood. I think they sensed defeat
‘Course we have to keep some control, dangers everywhere
But they don’t have to know my every move, watch every step of the stair
When I want to eat apple pie it’s really going too far
If I have step out of the light and eat alone in the dark
‘Course if you’re rich and famous, to the public you belong
To keep yourself to yourself, it’s going to cost a bomb
You may end up in a gilded cage, watched by them and me
Only compensation, apple pie comes for free
So thank you for the apple pie, coffee and the cake
Doesn’t really matter who I am, my passport is a fake
If you want to know where I was born or my mother’s maiden name
I’m sorry I just can’t remember, got pigeons on the brain
I’m sorry I can’t remember, that’s the price of fame
Sorry can’t remember, thank you all the same