"Three for yes, two for no"

"Words aren't all that's real"

Vocals and keys
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Drums, percussion
Tony Shepherd
Backing vocals
Callie Howard



Twenty six in the alphabet but the ones I like the best
Are the ones that say I love you, you can do without the rest
Eight notes in the do re mi, sing them every day
Use them all to serenade, steal her heart away
Twenty six in the alphabet, shuffle any old way
Love is the best combination yet, says all I want to say
Twelve different piano keys, black as well as white
Major into minor all through the night
Twenty six in the alphabet, three for “yes”, two for “no”
Ten letters for “stay with me”, only two for “go”
But even all my ABCs can’t say how I feel
Not enough in the alphabet, words aren’t all that’s real
Twenty seventh in the alphabet, that’s between you and me
The letter there upon your lips, the one I want to see
Twenty six in the alphabet only goes so far
Twenty seventh on your lips, brighter than the brightest star