Sleep baby of mine


Children let you make it up!

Two generations of bedtime stories in one song. 

Richard Rhys O'Brien
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


Sleep baby of mine

I used to tell a story to my little girl
About the wizard who lived on the hill
On top of a mountain covered with trees
With a white flowing beard down to his knees
I think he lives there still
Below was the jungle where the fruit could talk
You could see the bananas out for a walk
They’d hide from the mangoes and the prickly pears
This was a jungle without any bears
Then there were the pooklahs who lived underground
They had a big boss who made things go round
That was a story made up by my dad
Always exciting, the end was never sad
But none of these stories ever come to an end
Bedtime stories never do
Children fall asleep and enter their dreams
That’s where the stories come true
It’s all about fantasy and the sound of your voice
Reassurance everything’s fine
Lullabies and fairy tales whatever your choice
Sleep baby of mine

© Richard Rhys O'Brien
August 2009