Silvery moon


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Vocals, piano
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


Silvery moon

I’ve got a little song, not very long, complication’s not my scene
Found the tune out the back, lying by the track, I don’t know where it’s been
The words don’t mean a lot, but it’s all I found I’ve got
I’ll sing by the silvery moon
I’ve got a little car, parked it by the bar, only drinking water tonight
You can take off the top, we won’t want to stop, till we’re way way out of sight
It’s perfect just for two, it’s made for me and you
Let’s drive to the silvery moon
I know a little place, where you can show your face and no-one will trouble you or stare
They don’t care about the stars, or their flashy little cars, or which designer you wear
We’ll stay there for a while, you can cry or you can smile
By the light of the silvery moon
So now you’ve heard my song, said it wasn’t very long, what are you going to do?
Will you take a chance and come with me to France, or maybe Xanadu
I can see it in your eyes that you’re tempted by the prize
Of life by the silvery moon

© Richard Rhys O’Brien  
July 2009