She said yes!


Loves changes everything!  

Richard Rhys O'Brien
Christine Axelle

Richard Rhys O'Brien


She said yes!

She said yes, I’m over the moon
My head is truly exploding
In just one word, everything’s changed
I’m off to heaven, soon
The mist has lifted, everything’s clear
I’ve got a girl, nothing to fear
Pinch myself, can’t quite believe
She said yes, I’m on my knees
I can dance in the sunshine, dance in the rain
Nothing will ever be the same again
There’s just one flaw, beginning to gnaw
I can’t remember my question
Never mind, she said yes
Just to hear that voice, I just can’t rest
So off to the future, here we go
Always say yes, never say no
It’s great, whatever the question

© Richard Rhys O’Brien  
June 2009