Love moves in mysterious ways.

Vocals, piano
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd



There hadn’t been much warning of this day, the sudden call to leave, to go away
The clouds had changed from white to darkest grey, night came with the storm
He couldn’t tell her why he had to go, heartbreaking for him, he loved her so
The reasons and the truth she’d never know, secrets to the grave
She gazed out of the window at the rain, her eyes were full of sadness and the pain
She knew that all was lost, nothing to gain, her lover was departing, rollercoaster
When everything you’ve wished for fades and dies
The world comes crashing down, the raven cries
The purple mist clouding over your eyes, feels like forever, rollercoaster
And when you’ve cried yourself to sleep, emptied heart and soul of grief
Start to rebuild your self-belief, never say never, rollercoaster
And so it was one afternoon, slumbering in the gathering gloom
The hopes that spring eternal came into sight, her lover was back in the room
No question came from her lips, as he knelt down to kiss
The future was unfolding, the past was far behind, love clears the mist, rollercoaster
The tango’s made for two, a dance both exciting, can be blue
Life is for both of us, me and you, see you in the future, rollercoaster

© Richard Rhys O’Brien  
July/August 2009