Inspiration Inspiration


Oh muse, wherefore art thou?

All the songs on this album were written in a pretty short space of time, the idea of song writing having taken me completely by surprise, but on one day I was looking urgently around for some new ideas - inspiration!  Written holidaying with my muse on the sunny island of Jersey. 

Not quite sure how Richard the Third crept in but if he ever was a hero, Shakespeare made sure he went down in history as a zero. 

Richard Rhys O'Brien
Christine Axelle
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


Inspiration Inspiration

Inspiration, inspiration, nothing to do with me
Dedication, dedication, boring as history
Motivation, motivation, I’ve got plenty of that
So please be patient, please be patient, please get off my back
Perspiration, perspiration, it’s as hot as hell
Explanation, explanation, do I have to say why as well
It’s temptation, it’s temptation, give up and start again
Now for creation, now for creation, time to pick up my pen
Procrastination, procrastination, maybe tomorrow will do
Save the nation, save the nation, enough ambition for you
Degradation, degradation, slippery slope at hand
Desperation, desperation, up to my neck in sand
For my salvation, my salvation, who do I turn to now?
I must hasten, I must hasten, or it’s my final bow
Run to the station, run to the station, next train out of town
Like Richard the Third at Bosworth Field, I’m losing my crown
Inspiration, perspiration, the effort must be there
Take every opportunity, you’ve really got to care
Of course we need a lot of luck, but it’s never guaranteed
The more you make your own chances, the less you’re going to need

© Richard Rhys O'Brien 
June, July 2009