Cloud on the horizon


Whatever you feel about climate change, we don't seem to be that good at dealing with slow moving uncertain changes when they threaten.  

Vocals, piano
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


The ice is melting, so they say
The sea level’s rising, washing people away
The temperature dial, changes each day
The cloud on the horizon, is deepest grey
The crops are dying, turning to hay
With humidity like this, it’s too hot to play
The bees have stopped buzzing, be very afraid
No more chickens in the yard, no more eggs to lay
We didn’t believe, it would end this way
Everyone’s wondering, do I go or stay
Boats are high and dry, in the dock of the bay
Voices are flat, no more Top A
It’s too late for action, too late to pray
It’s always December, never mid May
Why didn’t we listen, people cry
They were telling the truth, they didn’t lie
As a result, we’re all gonna fry
Did we do something wrong, please tell me why
Did we insult the gods, or someone up high
If they’d given us the proof, we all could have tried
I thought they’d called wolf, is there nowhere to hide
Will we get to say, goodbye
Hear the bell tolling, it’s tolling for thee
You’ll want someone to blame, don’t look at me
When they gave out the warnings, you said wait and see
The cost of precautions, have been beaten by greed
Now you are begging, down on your knees
No-one is listening, why didn’t you see
There’s always a price, nothing is free
But it’s too late for preaching, and it’s too late for me
Now we’re all lumbered, as our days are all numbered
We deserve what is coming, it seems
Will we keep our composure, like every good soldier
All we have left are our dreams

© Richard Rhys O’Brien  2010