Choice (would be a fine thing)


A light look at our consumer world.  

Richard Rhys O'Brien
Callie Howard
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd
Richard Rhys O'Brien


Choice (would be a fine thing)

Choice would be a fine thing, he said with a grin
There’s so many flavours of coffee, I just don’t know where to begin
White with two sugars, that was complex enough
Now it’s froth and Italian labels, boy, life’s getting tough
It was Henry Ford, they always say, any colour as long as it’s black
Triggered off a consumer boom, and we‘ve never looked back
Now the whole wide world is climbing on board, though many will surely miss out
I’m not sure there’s really enough to go round if we all get the trough near our snout
I tried to buy a ticket to ride, just wanted a simple return
I found the prices all over the place, ok if you have money to burn
I decided to leave at a quarter to three, to avoid all of the crush
I bought a non-flexible, nothing to eat, right at the back of the bus
Of course in the past we had three classes, and your baggage was sent in advance
You might be going to Scotland, your things might end up in France
Progress is really a wonderful thing, you just have to live with the pace
Is that what they mean by the human race?
Now while I’m up on my soapbox, I’ll tell you another thing
Why do get all these rubbishy calls, just let them ring and ring
I don’t want to take part in a survey, I know it’s in a good cause
I don’t want another kitchen sink or carpets to cover my floors
I’ve managed to stay off computer games, I’ve managed to stay off cocaine
There’s still plenty of things to fill the time, I really won’t complain
Choice is really a privilege, it means you have to decide
Whether you want take part in life or whether you want to hide
Choice is really a privilege, it really can’t be denied
Remember when you go shopping, God is on your side.

© Richard Rhys O’Brien  2010