Be like a bird


Freedom and love. 

The high flying birds are from South India.  

Vocals and piano
Richard Rhys O'Brien


Be like a bird

Everyone’s sung in the bath
But not in the Albert Hall
Everyone’s sung in the rain
But not in a tropical squall
Everyone’s had a good time
Everyone’s had a good cry
But nobody’s had the chance
To be like a bird and fly
Of course we’ve been in a plane
Then we’ve come down again
Of course we’ve dived in the sea
Buzzed around like a bee
But flying without any help
Soaring up in the sky
It’s what we all dream of
Letting go from on high
Of course when we dream, everything goes
The girl you fancy, never says no
All the things you can’t do, the things you can’t say
Suddenly happen and then you’re away
If I dream of you, will you dream of me
Will you fly and be free from the top of this tree
Will we stay together for the rest of our days
When we’re asleep and when we’re awake

© Richard Rhys O’Brien
July 2009