Audition blues


We all care what others think but it's really up to us work out what we are worth.

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Richard Rhys O'Brien
Callie Howard
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd
Richard Rhys O'Brien


Audition blues
I used to think life had a purpose, though I never was told what it was
When I asked why I should do things, I was just told, because
When I got a little older, I could see for myself
I’d have to make a contribution, or I would end up on the shelf
So all of my life I’ve been working, to what end I never could tell
Perhaps there didn’t have to be one, or for anyone else as well
What are the reasons for living, why are we here on this Earth?
Is life just one big audition, just to see what we’re worth
And if we pass the audition, what’s the next part we play
And if we turn out a failure, can we re-audition some day
Some people go for auditions, they just join the back of the queue
By the time they get to go on the stage, let’s hope they know what to do
I love to go to auditions, though I don’t want a part in the play
I just like the rough and tumble, I like to hear what people say
I put myself in the mind of the judges, I wonder what they’re looking for
When they see what they want will they know it, or will they always want more
Do they know the reasons for living, do they know why we’re here on this Earth
Are they really in a position, to tell me just what I’m worth
No-one can know where we’re going, though many say that they do
I hope that they get something from it, if it helps them navigate through
Life is a river with rapids, a canyon with multiple bends
And if we end up in the ocean, I hope I can see all my friends
So if you don’t have a reason for living, don’t worry, you’re not on your own
And if you fall off your boat in the rapids, keep swimming with me through the foam
And all of you there with a purpose, I do hope you make it some day
I do hope you’re not disappointed, if you don’t get a part in the play

© Richard Rhys O’Brien  
August 2009