Trees Are Blue


"If one day the world's all changed"
"Should we have done it all another way?"


Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd
Backing vocals
Callie Howard


Trees are Blue
Trees are blue, sky is pink, mind’s gone crazy, on the blink
Rain is pouring, upside down
Bankers don’t get paid nearly enough, teachers and nurses own all the stuff
One day a week you can wear the crown
So if one day the world’s all changed, everything rearranged
D’you suppose all will be all right
D’you think we could all be equal, write the film after the sequel
Do you think day will be night?
So when the men come down from Mars will they see the smiles, will they see the scars
Of winners and losers on the Earth
Or will they just see a beautiful land, sometimes green, sometimes sand
Will they know what it’s worth?
Will they see what we’ve created, will they see what we’ve destroyed
Will they know how much we debated, see the difference, girl and boy
When it comes to the last account, when we reach the kingdom on the mount
When the judge has his say
When we look around at the last who will be the first to ask
Should we have done it all another way?
© Richard Rhys O’Brien 2012