Sittin’ on the Wall


"I'd better may sure I can catch me if I fall"

Vocals and keyboards
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


Sittin' on the Wall

Been thinking, on the wall
What would happen if my feet could fall
Didn’t follow for a very long time
What would that be like?

Been ponderin’, in my bed
What would happen if the thoughts inside my head
Were written on the pillow while I slept.
What would everyone say?

Been a-hopin’, strolling by the sea
One day something crazy would happen to me.
Everything would be different and everything the same
Messing up the logic of life’s little game

But life ain’t science fiction, life’s reality
And I‘ve been very lucky with health and family.
So I’ve been thinking, sitting on the wall
I’d better make sure I can catch me if I fall

©Richard Rhys O’Brien 2009