All of Us May Be Wrong


"Religion and science are having a battle about the origin and meaning of life"

Vocals and keyboards
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd
Backing vocals
Callie Howard


All of us may be wrong
Religion and science are having a battle about the origin and meaning of life
You can keep an open mind, it’s so complicated. Can we ever know what’s right?
Need to believe in something, even just to believe in themselves
Always looking for the answers, for every heaven there’s a hell
From travel into outer space to the workings of the brain
Every time another breakthrough, thinking starts again
People died when they said Earth went round the Sun
Doesn’t mean you can’t believe in your holy one
But when you have a fixed idea, can be very hard to change
We look back over time, all seems very strange
We all have our sticking points, when we won’t give in
What may be a human right for others is a sin
Maybe we just keep on evolving, maybe there was a Big Bang
Maybe someone out there decided, make up your mind, if you can
I’m not looking for a messiah, someone to lead me to a promised land
I may be wrong, it’s so complicated, even economists need an invisible hand
Started with an apple that Adam took from Eve
Mr Newton caught it, might have disagreed
Cracking the genetic code, Genesis beware
Ticket for eternal life, what’ll we find there
Everything that I’ve been taught had to take on trust
Still don’t know where I’ll be when I’ve turned to dust
All about Enlightenment through a different lens
Always looking for the truth, can’t we all be friends
I hope you believe in something useful, something helpful to guide you along
I believe, whatever you believe, all of us may be wrong
© Richard Rhys O’Brien 2013