I'll be tappin'


"I'll be tappin' my shoes"

Vocals, piano
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar, backing vocals
Bruce Knapp
Double bass
Richard Sadler
Drums, shaker
Tony Shepherd
Backing vocals
Christine Axelle
Matthew Knapp


My smile is edged with sorrow, I can hardly hold back the tears
Life will never be the same after all these years
Know that I will care for you right until the end
Lover, partner, friend
Is it right to sing a song when someone’s losing their mind
When it comes to sadness, this is a different kind
In and out of oblivion, recognition, now and again
We know it’s not for ever but neither know till when
Now we’re living longer, why are we singing the blues
Medicines, miracles ought to be good news
I’d like to go with my boots on, all right in my head
I don’t want anyone waiting for me to be dead
Moments of tranquillity, times of perfect peace
Desperate flashes of anger, crying for release
May be cures and treatments, pills to ease the pain
Still hard to understand why the track has left the train
If I need such caring, thank you now in advance
I won’t be able to say it from a distant trance
Play me lots of music, soft and even loud
Listen for the harmonies from my passing cloud
Play me lots of music, drown out the blues
There’ll always be a rhythm to life, I’ll be tappin’ my shoes

© Richard Rhys O'Brien 2014