Anguneau sunset


"I know we don't believe the same thing"

Vocals, organ
Richard Rhys O'Brien
Electric guitar, Nashville
Bruce Knapp
Richard Sadler
Tony Shepherd


When the sun sets behind the trees
Does God go down on his knees
Does he pray to someone else
Or is he the one and only
When the sun rises at dawn
Do lots of gods get up with a yawn
Maybe it’s true they take it in turn
To switch on the sun and make sure it burns
Midday when the sun is high
Gods take a nap, do you know why
‘Cos all afternoon they can let the sun fall
Works on gravity you see, that’s all
I know we don’t believe the same thing
About how the world works, who should be king
All I will say is treat people right
Think what you want, believe what you like
So when the sun sinks behind the trees
You can go down on your knees
Not going to tell you how to behave
Man should be free and never a slave
When the sun sets in the West
Does God go to bed to rest
Does she pray to someone else
Or is she one and lonely

© Richard Rhys O'Brien 2014