Featured song: Heaven for Broken Dreams

The opening track from my new album, Don't Believe the Crystal Ball..... this is for all the strivers and triers who don't always make it but we all make it in our own way.  An Olympic silver medallist can be devastated yet has achieved far more than most.  

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"Quirky, off centre"
BBC Radio 2

Listen to all 4 albums on this website including the brand new Don't Believe the Crystal Ball, which far from disowning my life as a forecaster reaffirms that we make the future. 

see also  Sense in our brains, Anguneau sunset and I know a little place. All available (digital) from iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon and as CDs from CD Baby and Amazon

New album coming soon
New album coming soon
New album coming soon
Sense in our brains
Anguneau sunset
I Know a Little Place

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Rough Trade Review

Richard Rhys O'Brien strikes a delicate balance between heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting and playful arrangements that soak in musical direction from the band's various muses. The blues and the tango, the waltz and the lullaby, making an inspired mix of 14 songs of love and modern day life, enhanced by sparkling guitar, pulsating bass and drums, tinkling piano and great lyrics sung with unusual clarity. Bruce Knapp on guitar, Richard Sadler on bass, Tony Shepherd on drums and supporting vocals from Callie Howard and Christine Axelle.