Anguneau Sunset I Know a Little Place

New singles Musical marriage, and It's a dangerous world from the new album Anguneau sunset, new videos

Our second album Anguneau sunset and our new singles Musical marriage and It's a dangerous world, both from the album, are now available (digital) from iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon and as CDs from CD Baby and Amazon

Listen to all tracks on the album pages: Anguneau sunset and I know a little place.  

Musical marriage - a celebration of music and the attraction of opposites.
Billion souls - on the global poverty challenge.
It's a dangerous world - a lighthearted look at our risky world.
Clocks stopped - on loss, and sorry, no happy ending this time.
Hamlet and Macbeth - to celebrate the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare. 
Overtime - an impossibly sweet love duet.
Title track Anguneau sunset - on tolerance of belief.
Listenin' to you whistlin' - the power of love: video coming soon.
I'll be tappin' - a poignant reflection on the challenge of ageing, mental health and the restorative power of music.  
Storyteller storyteller - escape into other worlds! 
The videos from the debut album I know a little place, are proving ever popular  – Cloud on the horizon on our attitudes to climate change and Choice (would be a fine thing) on life in a consumerist society.

What they say....

richard rhys o'brien strikes a delicate balance between heart-on-your-sleeve songwriting and playful arrangements that soak in musical direction from the band's various muses. the blues and the tango, the waltz and the lullaby, making an inspired mix of 14 songs of love and modern day life, enhanced by sparkling guitar, pulsating bass and drums, tinkling piano and great lyrics sung with unusual clarity. bruce knapp on guitar, richard sadler on bass, tony shepherd on drums and supporting vocals from callie howard and christine axelle.

From the blogosphere

Glitter or litter?

Glitter! An excellent piece of inspirational music that really speaks to the listener.  Simple but effective sounds resulting in a very natural feel that echoes the vibe of the song well. 

Witness to fitness – the right music for your workout
Perfect for a hike in the great outdoors.  A very peaceful sound that would accompany views of a lovely hilly walk in the countryside excellently. 

Colour me stunned: new music, slapping you in the face on first listen
It grabs you first time because of the relay interesting ambient sounds coupled with the relaxed vibe of the song, in contrast to the very serious lyrical content. 

Chase this tune: new tracks for your ears
You should chase this tune because of the strong and important message delivered through some inspiring music.

Booze and reviews: music tips with an extra tipple
Which booze? A pint of stout! A solid drink for solid stand up tune. Reminds you of a well earned drink after and long day’s work. The soft ambient sounds give a very relaxed feel, a great wind down song.